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How Dracula lost his X-rating

How Dracula lost his X-rating

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Dracula (1958)

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Whale strandings: do solar storms scramble animal navigation?

Whale strandings: could solar storms that cause the northern lights be to blame?

Nathan Case, Lancaster University

A series of sperm whale strandings saw 29 of the animals beached across the North Sea in early 2016. As these whales are not normally found in the North Sea, the strandings were a bit of a mystery. But a study is now proposing that the solar storms that cause the northern and southern lights (aurora) could be to blame for the ill-fated whales ending up on the beaches.

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George Romero dies age 77, RIP

How George A. Romero made humans of violent brain-devouring zombies

The Everett Collection/Shutterstock


Xavier Aldana Reyes, Manchester Metropolitan University

Godfather of the zombie film genre, George A. Romero’s death at 77-years-old has undoubtedly been a sudden and tragic moment for horror fans the world over. Not least because it came only a few days after the news that the American film director began seeking financing for the latest instalment in his “dead” series, “Road of the Dead”.

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Flight of the living dead: “zombiefied” soldier beetles spread their wings after dying.

It was around a century ago that etymologists first noticed something peculiar hanging from the catkins of a dwarf chestnut tree in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Undead TED lecture

I recently gave a lecture at Plymouth University about how notions of “The Undead” have evolved right over the full timespan of human history, pulling together many of the scientific aspects about the undead, ranging from archeology, anthropology and genetics.

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Have you ever wondered what the world will look like 20 years after the apocalypse?

These pictures were taken in zombie heartland: the Caribbean.

Twenty years ago, the area was evacuated and the people fled their homes, leaving practically everything behind. Nineteen people didn’t make it out alive.


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Suffering from arachnophobia? How about zom-spiders?

Parasitic wasps are the bokur zombie master of the animal world. This one seizes control of the orb weaver spiders brain, getting it to build a cocoon for its own protection. There must be a B-movie in this idea…

How did our ancestors defeat vampires & zombies?

The undead don’t exist.

At least, not anymore. But there was a time when the dead were troublesome creatures, liable to rise up from the grave and cause all sorts of mischief, wreaking havoc and spreading death. We know this because there is no shortage of historical accounts, including official government reports:

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The Zombie Apocalypse: It is now online, and interactive.

Have you ever wondered what the epidemiology of a zombie apocalypse would really look like?

Now, thanks to researchers from Cornell University, you can watch the whole thing play out

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